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Rio Pro 360

Rio Pro 360

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Product description

The new Rio Pro 360 - Professional is a safe choice for ID card printing.

Magicard is a brand new Rio Pro 360 printer - a revolutionary replacement for the very popular ID card printers - Rio PRO.
Professional users know the quality and the Rio Pro 360 printer has been designed with their needs in mind.
The Rio Pro 360 is made from high quality components and special composites, delivering outstanding print quality that is further enhanced by the unique HoloKote® Watermark feature.

The manufacturer guarantees the lifetime warranty of the printhead (with the exclusion of mechanical damage, of course).

Compared to RIO PRO, even higher print quality, higher speed, save up to half of your card printing time, higher card stock capacity, up to 10 HoloKote options, for all OS.

Key features and benefits

  • It's safe - the Rio Pro 360 makes your cards absolutely safe. When used with a HoloKote customer, you can print your own safety logo or design as a watermark on the card at no extra cost for consumables. At the same time, there are up to 10 options for preset standard watermarks.
  • Your options - one-sided or two-sided print versions are available. It is possible to convert a one-sided printer to two-sided by simply adding a two-sided module. You can also choose from a variety of encoding options, including contact, contactless, hybrid cards, and magnetic stripe cards.
  • Your Protection - The Rio Pro 360 comes with a 3-year full warranty, including printer rental service free of charge in case of failure.

How to stop copying your ID cards?

What stops someone who wants to copy your ID card? Nothing in most printers, but not with Magicard HoloKote.
HoloKote is a watermark that is printed on a card during one print cycle - meaning that no additional consumption costs are needed. With the new Rio Pro 360, you can choose from 10 preset patterns.

Custom HoloKote allows you to print your own logo in a grid pattern as a watermark on the card surface. With your own HoloKote FLEX you can print your logo anywhere and any size.
Everything very easily remotely in electronic form.

The RIO PRO 360 is an excellent choice for high quality and powerful card printers.

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