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New Reiner SCT Authentificator

Reiner SCT Authentificator

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Product description

Authentificator - Two-factor aunthentification (2FA)

 Every 30 seconds a TOTP Code
 More secure than authenticator apps
 Camera for importing the TOTP key
 Can be used immediately on many online platforms
 For smartphone, tablet, notebook or desktop
 Security from Germany

Entering your username and password when you log in is no longer secure. Almost all leading online platforms therefore offer the option of additionally registering with another component. This so-called two-factor authentication (2FA) protects your user account against misuse and identity theft to a high degree, even if the user name and password get into the wrong hands.

The most common method is the time-based one-time password method, called TOTP. Authenticator apps on smartphones are often used for this. However, due to the limited security of smartphones, the TOTP can be spied on easily. Hardware-based TOTP generators offer the highest security.

The REINER SCT Authenticator securely stores the electronic keys for the logins in its hardware and generates the TOTP one-time passwords with high precision every 30 seconds. He works without an internet connection and therefore cannot be attacked online. In addition, its function can be secured with a PIN protection.

The REINER SCT Authenticator uses a built-in camera to recognize the authentication data displayed by the online platform in the form of a QR code at lightning speed and assigns it to an account.

It is for private end user to secure their logins, mainly. End customer could use REINER SCT Authenticator at login of a lot of application, already. Attached you will find an Excel-Sheet which shows the applications where REINER SCT Authenticator could be used directly.

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