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PREORDER Contact smart cards

Contact smart cards

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Product description

Contact smart cards

Chip cards are a regular credit or debit card with a chip that contains memory or memory and a microprocessor. Memory chips contain an operating program and a number of bytes of disposable memory. Microprocessor cards are used to increase security when handling sensitive information.

Chip Cards potential
Chips that contain memory and microprocessor are "intelligent" administrators who can safely add, delete, modify, and update information contained in memory. More sophisticated chips have built-in security features that protect memory content from unauthorized access.

The chip card contacts must be inserted into the reader where the card contacts are connected to the reader to read and store the chip information. This type of electronic card is used in a wide range of applications, including network security, sales, loyalty, electronic money, student ID, e-commerce, health cards and many more.

Smart cards can also provide strong authentication for Single Sign-On or Enterprise Single Sign-on for computers, laptops, data with encryption, enterprise platforms, resource planning such as SAP, etc.

Smart cards are now widely used in credit card applications. It is also a form of strong security authentication for Single Sign-On within a large company and organization. They can also be deployed in many new roles in access, biometric ID systems, and multi-functional transaction applications. Often, these applications require special printing to personalize and combine the original data with the programming of print process cards.

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