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Contactless Smart Cards

Contactless Smart Cards

RFID Cards, Radio Frequency Identification or RFID Cards is a generic term for technologies that use radio waves to automatically identify people or objects. There are several methods of identification, but the most common is to store a serial number that identifies a person, object, or other information on a microchip connected to the antenna.

Types of coding, types of contactless smart cards.

Individual manufacturers have defined their own proprietary systems, such as coding.

There are 2 types of contactless smart cards in frequencies: 13.56 MHz and 125 kHz.

We offer all the most common types of contactless smart cards. The most used types are still in stock. Others can be ordered from us and we will confirm the delivery option.

Possible delivery of white but also suppressed.

Mifare, Mifare-Desfire, I-Class, Proximity, M4102, Hitag .... and many other types.

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Mifare 1k NXP EV1 cards

Mifare 1k NXP EV1 karty

White PVC cards with Mifare 1k NXP (13.56 MHz) EV1 It is also possible to supply Mifare cards wit..

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EM4102 Contactless smart card

Bezkontaktná čipová karty EM4102

Contactless RFID card, frequency 125kHz. Chip: EM4102/EM4200Measurements: (86mm)×(54mm)×(0,76mm..

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Contactless chip cards PREORDER

Contactless chip cards

Bezkontaktné karty

RFID contactless chip cards Radio Frequency Identification or RFID Card is a generic term for tec..

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Proximity Cards PREORDER

Proximity Cards

Proximity karty

Contactless or proximity cards are cost effective and are commonly used in applications such as ID c..

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