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Mag stripe cards

Mag stripe cards

Magnetic Cards

Magnetic Stripe Card is a type of PVC card with a strip of magnetic material inserted on the back of the card. The magnetic strip is read by physical contact and by pulling on the read head. Magnetic strip cards are generally used for credit and identification cards. The magnetic strip decoder is applicable to all types of magnetic card readers.

More about coercivity

There are 2 types of magnetic cards: High coercivity (HiCo) - high and low coercivity (LoCo) - low.

Usually LoCo What magnetic strips are pale brown in color, and HiCo strips are almost black.

Three-track decoding can use the ISO 7811 format, as well as special applications, a special user format can also be used. HiCo cards are more reliable than LoCo cards because the magnetic layer is denser and therefore much less sensitive to deleting the scatter field.

We can supply cards with magnetic stripe white, but also with or without printing or personalization (magnetic stripe coding)

Other types of magnetic stripe cards:
Smart cards are a newer generation of cards containing an integrated processor chip. The card may have metal contacts connecting the card physically to the reader, as long as the contactless cards use magnetic field or radio frequency (RFID) for contactless reading.

Hybrid chip cards contain a magnetic strip complemented by a chip - this is most commonly used for payment cards, so cards are compatible with payment terminals that do not include a smart card reader.

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Loco Magnetic Stripe PVC card

Loco magnetický prúžok PVC karta

White PVC mag. stripe LoCO cardMeasurements in accordance with ISO : 85,6 x 54 mm, thickness 0,76 mm..

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HoloPatch Magstripe Cards HiCo PREORDER

HoloPatch Magstripe Cards HiCo


White HoloPatch PVC cards with HiCo magnetic stripe, ISO size 85,6 x 54 mm, thickness 0,76 mm. ..


Magstripe Cards HiCo


 White PVC card with HiCo magnetic stripe, ISO size 85,6 x 54 mm, thickness 0,76 mm. PVC ..